The Guardian

Child soldiers march at night. Homeless veterans haunt the Boulevard You know longer patrol the Wall for this city’s Miserables. Even Guardians get old. Even Guardians get old. Once you tended to Valjean and Javert Protecting one from a crackhead son Making sure the nursing home gave the other his HIV meds That was then. […]

“What we investigate is linked to who we are”

Research related to the effort to enlarge and diversify the computing pipeline discloses that young people’s career choices are heavily influenced by parents, teachers and guidance counselors. (References) In plumbing my childhood experiences, I see evidence how I began to think of myself as a writer, and the values I began to internalize that would shape the kind of writer I ultimately became.

Life plan for a poem

In youth I was beguiled By master gardeners who, sowing words, raised bountiful harvests that fed and healed. I thought it would be grand To grow thought out thought things Soul food for children of the new day comin’ In those days it was thought That authority rested in Knowledge that required Careful cultivation. The […]

The Good Mother, Part 3: And so the girl marries

Hi Mommy, You and my father married in a double wedding ceremony with his brother and your cousin. It was an outdoor wedding, and from the one picture I have seen of you and your fellow bride, it was pretty and summer-casual. ¬†Your sister showed me the picture; she said there weren’t many. I have […]

The Good Mother, part 2

Hi Mommy, What was it like for you to be back in New Jersey busting suds and picking crops, after spending those years in Hartford, Connecticut, learning etiquette, elocution and the other skills essential to becoming a proper bourgeoise? No doubt it was a shock, and not just for you. You loved your New Jersey […]