On teaching game design in a journalism class, Part 4: Newsgames as literary journalism

In the  last blog entry on my newsgames class, I reported on my students’ remix of my intentionally buggy, incomplete Food Stamps game. That exercise served multiple purposes: It provided an accessible example of the challenges of conceiving a newsgame, and for defining requirements for such a game as journalism and as a game. Splitting […]

On teaching game design in a journalism class, part 3

UPDATE: December 6, 2011. Obviously, I wrote the post below several weeks ago. An end-of semester update coming soon.   We are now just past midterms this semester, and I can share the work done by the  News Games class to remix the Food Stamp Game. As I have described in the two previous posts […]

On teaching game design in a journalism course, part 2

In my last post on the newsgames course I will be teaching this fall, I began to discuss how the need to respect the journalistic intent of a newsgame translates into requirements and constraints upon the game’s design and production. In this post, I want to  delve into that topic more deeply, using principles outlined […]

The Food Stamp Game: a test case for teaching computational journalism, part 1

This fall, I am teaching a class, “Serious Games for News, ” in which journalism and interactive multimedia students will analyze and design various examples of “newsgames.”  In their book,  Newsgames: Journalism at Play(MIT Press, 2010) Ian Bogost and his colleagues use the term Newsgames to mean, broadly, using game design techniques to “do” journalism […]

Jane McGonigal:”Let the World-Changing Games Begin”

Jane McGonigal thinks that we can solve real-world problems by engaging people in large-scale, collaborative games.  Her argument makes perfect sense the more you realize that many of our most creative, innovative people are hands-on learners – the very people that schools fail, but who thrive in virtual worlds. This interview expounds on McGonigal’s vision […]


Current and ongoing research PI, Trenton Makes Music: Cultural Identity, Memory and Economic Development Funders: New Jersey Council of the Humanities , College Music Society Community partners: Trenton Public Schools, Trenton Historical Society, Trenton’s Conservatory Mansion,  Laura Poll and her volunteers at Trenton Public Library, Beyond Expectations Project co-director: Teresa Marrin Nakra, Associate Professor, Music and Interactive Multimedia Departments, The College of New Jersey Podcast and event host […]

Kevin Michael Brooks, Technology Storyteller

A pioneer in the field of interactive storytelling has left the earthly stage. Kevin Michael Brooks — designer, author, researcher — lost his battle with pancreatic cancer March 28, 2014. He was 55. His death was announced by his wife, fellow storyteller Laura Packer, who also posted this online obituary. I only interacted directly with […]

Selected Presentations

  § Breaking the Code: Re-“Mediating” the Political Prospects of Black Women.  Westchester Black Women’s Political Caucus Women’s History Month program. March 26, 2011, White Plains, NY with U Wolz,  M.Pulimood, M. Stone; M. Switzer. “Computational Journalism in the Middle School.” Scholastic Division, 2010 Convention of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications, […]

A Post-#Ferguson Reflection

This is the morning after a grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri declined to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the August 9, 2014 shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown. I watched St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch’s announcement, said a prayer for Brown’s family, the people of Ferguson and the protestors who filled the streets outside the […]