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Articles on author page with links to the following:
  • How Computational Thinking is Changing Journalism & What’s Next
  • Sprint’s “Now” Widget: Future of Mobile News? Kim Pearson Nov. 19, 2008
  • Should ABC News Reveal Anonymous Sources in Anthrax Probe? Bloggers Say Yes Kim Pearson Aug. 5, 2008
  • BlogHer entrevista a Barack Obama Kim Pearson May 25, 2008 (Texto traducido por Paúl Mena)
  • BlogHer Interviews Barack Obama May 19, 2008
  • Team Coverage of Events with CoverItLive Apr. 11, 2008
  • CoverItLive, the Sequel Kim Pearson Feb. 29, 2008
  • Interactive Literary Journalism: Building New Tools. Aug. 13, 2007

Online Journalism Review

I was a contributor to OJR from 2006-7. # Link in context

Nieman Reports

Start Earlier. Expand the Mission. Integrate Technology.. September 5, 2007 # Link in context

Association for the Study of African American Life and History

"Carrying the Flambeau of Our Liberty: Religion Resistance and Racial Consciousness." Woodson Review, p. 23-5 # Link in context

"Afterword." Black History Bulletin, v.72, 2009, p. 34. # Link in context

Niagara Movement: Black Protest Reborn 2005 Black History Resource CD ROM - principal writer and editor # Link in context

Before Brown, Beyond Boundaries 2004 Black History Resource CD ROM - contributor # Link in context

Souls of Black Folk Centennial Black History Resource, 2003 - contributing writer, curator for CD ROM # Link in context

The Revealer

Black History, Homosexuality and the American Creed. August 5, 2004

“The Africana QA: Gay Activist Keith Boykin,” (interview) April 5, 2004. (Reprinted as a “Top Story” on, April 12, 2004. # Link in context

“Self-determining Haiti” (introduction) March 22, 2004. # Link in context

Quarterly Black Review of Books

"Sound and Fury, Signifying Confusion." (Review of Thomas Sowell's Race and Culture: A World View). Quarterly Black Review of Books, February, 1995 # Link in context

"Carol Swain's Contrarian View of Black Electoral Power," Quarterly Black Review of Books, Winter, 1994. # Link in context

"African as Agent: Molefi Asante on Afrocentricity." Quarterly Black Review of Books, Fall, 1994. # Link in context

"North Philly: Books as Trail Markers." (With Charlene B. Rivers) Quarterly Black Review of Books, Summer, 1994 # Link in context

"The Power of Vision: A Portrait of Kassahun Checole." Quarterly Black Review of Books, Spring, 1994. # Link in context

Emerge Magazine

"Banking on Black Deposit Power." Emerge, March, 1992 # Link in context

"Dialogue with...Ed Towns." Emerge Magazine, October, 1991. # Link in context

"Dialogue With... Diane Abott." Emerge Magazine, June 1991. # Link in context

Black Enterprise

"The big comeback." With Dawn M. Baskerville, Black Enterprise, 22(6): 61-66, Jan. 1992. # Link in context

"What You Should Know About 401(k) Plans," Black Enterprise, June 1991. # Link in context

"Diversifying Your Risk With Mutual Funds," Black Enterprise, April, 1991. # Link in context

"College Financing Primer." Black Enterprise, March, 1991. # Link in context


“Civil Rights: Time to Reinvigorate the Cause.” Newsday, September 24, 1989 (Long Island edition); September 26, 1989 (New York edition) # Link in context

“In Search of Greater Princeton.” Princeton Packet. May 29, 1989 # Link in context

“Linc Hawkins: A Black Engineering Pioneer.” Black Collegian, December 1982. (Reprinted in Crisis, the magazine of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, in 1983.) # Link in context

“Collecting the Calls of the Cosmos,” Royal Journal of Radioastronomy (Canada), 1983 (Reprint of article for the AT&T Bell Laboratories Record # Link in context

“Bonner Studies Origin, Meaning of Human Values,” Princeton Weekly Bulletin, June 14, 1982 # Link in context

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My posts for BlogHer/SheKnows media are here# Link in context

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