Live blog, NABJ blogging panel

I took these notes at the NABJ convention in Philadelphia in early August. Although I never got a chance to refine them, the notes will be useful for the Social Media class I will be teaching next semester.  # Link in context

Topic: What makes a multimedia blog successful?
Dan Farber -Great content. – the same things that make for great journalism # Link in context

Neal Scarborough -Before you worry about multimedia as a blogger, decide who you are as a blogger, where your audience is or what they want. # Link in context

Clay Cane – Find your style, your tone, and what you are passionate writing about. He started with a personal blog and was discovered by BET because he built a strong following. “It really is being your own brand, and selling yourself.” # Link in context

Sarah Bernard, Deputy Director of Digital Strategy, the White House: Use your blog to cover undeserved stories. Be consistent.  # Link in context

Question: How do you drive traffic? # Link in context

Clay Cane collects email subscriptions, sends out blasts when he has big news. Example: he posted an interview with Janet Jackson to his site and sent out masse emails. Some major news sites picked it up and linked to him. # Link in context

Farber: learn about SEO # Link in context

Moderator Markette Smith: Shows She is collecting questions via twitter at #nabjbloggingandbeyond. Question: can we attract advertising? # Link in context

Cane: He got started with Notes that advertising market has changed. # Link in context

Scarborough: “Blogging has really opened up.” Bites that Richard Branson has a blog. # Link in context

Question: Publisher of a niche blog for lawyers wants to know how to make more money. # Link in context

Moderator Smith tries to go back to how to make money.  # Link in context

More later: running out of power and this room is short on outlets. # Link in context

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