Three Ways News Organizations Can Put Citizens Before Politicians in Political Reporting

A visitor from outer space exposed to major news coverage the 2012 US elections might be forgiven for thinking that the President’s job description is the Namecaller-in-Chief. ┬áPresumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney tries to paint Pres. Barack Obama as a feckless leader an enemy of American free enterprise at home and exceptionalism abroad. For […]

Curb Cut Alert!

A three-block walk through Center City Philadelphia turned into a 25-minute obstacle course yesterday because of street repairs. While I appreciate the efforts put into street maintenance, what constitutes a minor inconvenience to most people can turn into a real challenge and safety issue for mobility-impaired individuals. I spend a lot of time navigating the […]

What’s the right hyperlocal news model for journalism education?

Hyperlocal many not be what the big city newspaper’s business is, but it’s one important site where beginning reporters first learn their craft. How can the academy and industry work together to improve hyperlocal reporting and journalism education? Some questions for discussion below. What does the New York Times’ retreat say for student-professional partnerships? Nieman […]