Why I fear I’ll never master SEO

Let’s face it — I’m an old-school dog who has spent the last 14 years trying to learn new-school tricks. I suck at writing SEO-friendly heads. I keep wanting to go old-school. Now understand, I’m a magazine writer, not a newspaperwoman, so the only real newspaper-style  hed-writing I’ve had to do is from my time […]

The Black Press, Soldiers Without Swords

Here is my 2005 tribute to one of those pioneers, Dr. Edna McKenzie (who became a newspaper reporter about the time that that video below was created. Here is the transcript of her interview for the documentary, Black Press: Soldiers Without Swords:

About Journalism: 1940

I remember movies like this from elementary school. No wonder that I never conceived that I could grow up to be a reporter or editor.

Women in the Newsroom: Burned Out and Fed Up

That’s the title of a live chat held by the Association for  Education in Journalism and Mass Communications last week about a recent study showing that women are being driven from the newspaper field. The survey, published in the summer, 2009 Newspaper Research Journal, found that 60 percent of respondents either plan to leave the […]

Freedom of the Press, part 1: Ideals and Ideas

These slides accompany an assigned reading of John Milton’s Aeropagitica for my Race, Gender and News class.  My goal is to demonstrate that the ideals underlying the libertarian model of the press contain embedded assumptions about human nature that ensured unequal access to the marketplace of ideas. Freedom Of The Press View more presentations from […]

Class notes on the History of Haiti

Haiti’s revolution profoundly affected the development of the early United States and 19th-century Europe. It was a major consideration in US relations with England and France, was a direct cause of the Louisiana Purchase and contributed to Napoleon’s downfall. It struck fear in US slaveholders, snd led Denmark Vesey to ask for Haitian military support for his […]

Electricity for Haiti: Wisdom from Africa

Not surprisingly, a dearth of electrical power is one of the major obstacles to rescue and recovery efforts in Haiti.  While rescuers struggle to get emergency power in place, I’m thinking that low-tech inventions coming out of Africa might be helpful. For years, Afrigadget.com has been tracking such inventions for years. Here are a few […]

What computing and informatics tools will help Haiti?

A great deal has been written about the how the combination of social media and cell phone technology has become a powerful fundraising mechanism in the wake of the disastrous earthquake in Haiti on Tuesday.  But that one example got me thinking about other kinds of computational tools that could help provide an accurate picture […]