Gwen Ifill: A consummate journalist who demonstrated why diversity matters

It is with heavy hearts that we share that our dear friend and beloved colleague Gwen Ifill has passed away. — PBS NewsHour (@NewsHour) November 14, 2016 There are many reasons to mourn Gwen Ifill’s untimely death today at the age of 61. She was a consummate journalist of the old school variety, who […]

Of Margo Jefferson’s “Negroland”

As a young black woman with working-class roots – what Jefferson might call an arriviste – she immediately became one of my models for how to carry myself in a world that, to borrow another of her gems, “could not imagine you.”

Happy birthday, Dr. Mae Jemison

Dear Dr. Mae Jemison, We have never met, but when you went to space in September, 1992, I cried, because without knowing the details of your life, I felt I knew you. I knew you the way twins who are adopted by different families recognize each other. Without reading your biography, I knew you must […]

Live blog, NABJ blogging panel

I took these notes at the NABJ convention in Philadelphia in early August. Although I never got a chance to refine them, the notes will be useful for the Social Media class I will be teaching next semester. Topic: What makes a multimedia blog successful? Dan Farber -Great content. – the same things that make […]

Sidebar: How Kevin Brooks Found the Common Ground Between Writing and Computer Science

I first came across Kevin Brooks’ work around the time he was completing his Ph.D. dissertation at the MIT Media Lab on a technology and method for telling multithreaded interactive stories. Since earning his Ph.D. in 1999, Brooks has applied his knowledge of computer science and storytelling to the process of product and service design […]

Sidebar: Learning about learning – a conversation with Deborah Tatar

Deborah Tatar is a cognitive scientist at Virginia Polytechnic University whose current research focuses on understanding and clearing the obstacles to student learning in mathematics and science. For example, she was a principal investigator on the SimCalc project, a software-based interactive math curriculum for middle schoolers that has shown demonstrable success when accompanied by professional […]

From the NSF CE21 community meeting: Meet Lily Fae Pierre

I spent the last several days in New Orleans with 400 computer science educators, education researchers and policy makers at the National Science Foundation’s CE 21 community meeting. CE 21 is a new initiative to boost K-16 computer science education. Central to that effort is a commitment to strengthen computer science curricula and teaching at […]

The Me Nobody Knew Then

“When I first get up in the morning I feel fresh and it feels like it would be a good day to me. But after I get in school, things change and they seem to turn into problems for me. And by the end of the day I don’t even feel like I’m young. I […]

Mrs. Jefferson’s “Sympathetic Touch” Meets Mrs. Masterman’s Philanthropy

I think it was afterward that my parents told me that I had been given an IQ test, that I had scored well, and that I was now being placed on the waiting list for admission to a special school called Masterman. Masterman was described to me as a special school for children like me – children who liked to think, read and ask questions about the world.