On the Grid: Teaching and Research in the Digital Age

Archived U-Stream live feed: Video streaming by Ustream Video streaming by Ustream Fellow Panelists: Alison Clarke, Simone Browne, Howard Ramsby. Moderator: Thomas DeFrantz. I love, Thomas’ poetic articulations of issues, the more I listen to them. I think I will spend much time watching videos of his performances. I so appreciate Alison Clark’s practical wisdom. […]

What Would WEB Du Bois Tell Henry Jenkins and Soulja Boy?

As Henry Jenkins and other scholars have observed, contemporary remix culture has disrupted both hierarchies of taste and capitalist models of cultural production. However, less attention seems to have been paid to the degree to which these emergent models of cultural production reinforce oppressive stereotypes and destructive social norms. This essay muses upon efforts to create socially responsible media in the current environment.

The Black Press, Soldiers Without Swords

Here is my 2005 tribute to one of those pioneers, Dr. Edna McKenzie (who became a newspaper reporter about the time that that video below was created. Here is the transcript of her interview for the documentary, Black Press: Soldiers Without Swords:

About Journalism: 1940

I remember movies like this from elementary school. No wonder that I never conceived that I could grow up to be a reporter or editor.