The Sword That Wounds Me

“And when [Love’s] wings enfold you yield to him, Though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you.” Kahlil Gibran “On Love” Walking as I do now with solitude The memory of your voice echoes the grief Carried off by the Angels on that bright September morn. In those days I was impatient with […]

The Guardian

Child soldiers march at night. Homeless veterans haunt the Boulevard You know longer patrol the Wall for this city’s Miserables. Even Guardians get old. Even Guardians get old. Once you tended to Valjean and Javert Protecting one from a crackhead son Making sure the nursing home gave the other his HIV meds That was then. […]

Life plan for a poem

In youth I was beguiled By master gardeners who, sowing words, raised bountiful harvests that fed and healed. I thought it would be grand To grow thought out thought things Soul food for children of the new day comin’ In those days it was thought That authority rested in Knowledge that required Careful cultivation. The […]