Press Clips

Scholarly citations: # Link in context

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I’ve been interviewed or cited in the following articles, videos, and audio segments. # Link in context

Timpane, John. “What Frames Michael Brown’s Image? August 22, 2014 # Link in context

TCNJ students update political website for Trenton residents., December 7, 2013 # Link in context

Currie, Nate. “Alumnus prepares studens for life after college.” The Signal. (The College of New Jersey) Sept. 17, 2008 # Link in context

Tambuscio, Kaitlin. “New forms of media revolutionize political process.” The Signal. (The College of New Jersey) Feb. 6, 2008 # Link in context

Bloggers Big News Needs Scaling Down.” Incisive Legal Intelligence, Nov. 28, 2007 # Link in context

The Alternative Student Press.”, Sept. 24, 2007 # Link in context

Living in the Studio.” Tell Me More, National Public Radio. Mar. 16, 2007 # Link in context

Westhead, Rick. ” ‘Methodical’ prosecutor at Libby trial prepares to face Black.” Toronto Star. Mar. 7, 2007 # Link in context

“Blogs on Trial.” Incisive Legal Intelligence, Mar. 2, 2007 # Link in context

You Read it Here First?” Incisive Legal Intelligence, Feb. 26, 2007 # Link in context

Pierce, Thomas “Bloggers Join Frenzy at Media Saturated Libby Trial.” Talk of the Nation. Feb. 5, 2007 # Link in context

Dawkins, Wayne. “Textbooks: the big squeeze, increasing costs, often fueled by frequent updates and high-tech extras many  professors don’t use, put studetns in a bind.” Black Issues Book Review. Sept. 1, 2006 # Link in context

Commemorating the End of a Career That Started it All.” The Signal (The College of New Jersey student newspaper),  Apr. 26, 2006 # Link in context

Generation Q.” In the Life: Documentary Stories from the Gay Experience. November, 2004 (interviewed in segment on Sakia Gunn) # Link in context

Alexander, Amy. “What’s Not on My Coffee Table,” Washington Post, August 28, 2005 # Link in context

eBay Bans the N-Word.” Red Herring Magazine. Nov. 17, 2004 # Link in context

Mourning the Death of Emerge.” Journal of Blacks in Higher Education. Jan. 31, 2001 # Link in context

A New Magazine Stepping Out in Style.”  Philadelphia Inquirer, Jan. 25, 2001 # Link in context

On Campus.” The Record. (Bergen County, NJ) Jan. 30, 2000 # Link in context

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