The Guardian

Child soldiers march at night. Homeless veterans haunt the Boulevard You know longer patrol the Wall for this city’s Miserables. Even Guardians get old. Even Guardians get old. Once you tended to Valjean and Javert Protecting one from a crackhead son Making sure the nursing home gave the other his HIV meds That was then. […]

The New Wave in Journalism Education

Georgia Tech’s work in computational journalism has yielded a textbook on designing games for news, along with a blog. As Martha Stewart would say, “This is a good thing.” Update, April 30: I’ve since read the book and I recommend it. It’s not a design manual, rather, it’s a book that seeks to define news […]

Sidebar: Learning about learning – a conversation with Deborah Tatar

Deborah Tatar is a cognitive scientist at Virginia Polytechnic University whose current research focuses on understanding and clearing the obstacles to student learning in mathematics and science. For example, she was a principal investigator on the SimCalc project, a software-based interactive math curriculum for middle schoolers that has shown demonstrable success when accompanied by professional […]