Black History Month Guessing Game in Scratch

The programmers at MIT’s Lifelong Learning Lab who created the Scratch programming language for novice programmers have come up with new “ask” and “answer” blocks. I decided to try them out by creating a guessing game about Black History Month. I am thinking of creating some additional games using Carter G. Woodson to introduce other […]

What “premium news content” will you pay for?

Steve Outing asks a great question about the emergence of various “freemium” content models for news outlets: “[W}hat is this premium content that newspaper companies can produce for the web (and mobile devices) that will get online users spending?” Content that serves the needs of diverse communities might be the key to building successful “freemium” […]

Who is a journalist and what are a journalist’s rights?

New Press Shield Law Won’t Clarify Blogger’s Rights For decades, press freedom advocates have pushed for a national law to protect journalists’ rights to withhold confidential sources and data from government authorities. A bill wending its way through Congress, the Free Flow of Information Act of 2009, has come closer to passage than ever, with […]